In 2009, I became extremely concerned with the concept of Unique Identity for various reasons. Connected with many like minded highly educated people who were all concerned.
On 18th May 2010, I started this Blog to capture anything and everything I came across on the topic. This blog with its million hits is a testament to my concerns about loss of privacy and fear of the ID being misused and possible Criminal activities it could lead to.
In 2017 the Supreme Court of India gave its verdict after one of the longest hearings on any issue. I did my bit and appealed to the Supreme Court Judges too through an On Line Petition.
In 2019 the Aadhaar Legislation has been revised and passed by the two houses of the Parliament of India making it Legal. I am no Legal Eagle so my Opinion carries no weight except with people opposed to the very concept.
In 2019, this Blog now just captures on a Daily Basis list of Articles Published on anything to do with Aadhaar as obtained from Daily Google Searches and nothing more. Cannot burn the midnight candle any longer.
"In Matters of Conscience, the Law of Majority has no place"- Mahatma Gandhi
Ram Krishnaswamy
Sydney, Australia.


The UIDAI has taken two successive governments in India and the entire world for a ride. It identifies nothing. It is not unique. The entire UID data has never been verified and audited. The UID cannot be used for governance, financial databases or anything. It’s use is the biggest threat to national security since independence. – Anupam Saraph 2018

When I opposed Aadhaar in 2010 , I was called a BJP stooge. In 2016 I am still opposing Aadhaar for the same reasons and I am told I am a Congress die hard. No one wants to see why I oppose Aadhaar as it is too difficult. Plus Aadhaar is FREE so why not get one ? Ram Krishnaswamy

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.-Mahatma Gandhi

In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place.Mahatma Gandhi

“The invasion of privacy is of no consequence because privacy is not a fundamental right and has no meaning under Article 21. The right to privacy is not a guaranteed under the constitution, because privacy is not a fundamental right.” Article 21 of the Indian constitution refers to the right to life and liberty -Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi

“There is merit in the complaints. You are unwittingly allowing snooping, harassment and commercial exploitation. The information about an individual obtained by the UIDAI while issuing an Aadhaar card shall not be used for any other purpose, save as above, except as may be directed by a court for the purpose of criminal investigation.”-A three judge bench headed by Justice J Chelameswar said in an interim order.

Legal scholarUsha Ramanathandescribes UID as an inverse of sunshine laws like the Right to Information. While the RTI makes the state transparent to the citizen, the UID does the inverse: it makes the citizen transparent to the state, she says.

Good idea gone bad
I have written earlier that UID/Aadhaar was a poorly designed, unreliable and expensive solution to the really good idea of providing national identification for over a billion Indians. My petition contends that UID in its current form violates the right to privacy of a citizen, guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution. This is because sensitive biometric and demographic information of citizens are with enrolment agencies, registrars and sub-registrars who have no legal liability for any misuse of this data. This petition has opened up the larger discussion on privacy rights for Indians. The current Article 21 interpretation by the Supreme Court was done decades ago, before the advent of internet and today’s technology and all the new privacy challenges that have arisen as a consequence.Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP Rajya Sabha

“What is Aadhaar? There is enormous confusion. That Aadhaar will identify people who are entitled for subsidy. No. Aadhaar doesn’t determine who is eligible and who isn’t,” Jairam Ramesh

But Aadhaar has been mythologised during the previous government by its creators into some technology super force that will transform governance in a miraculous manner. I even read an article recently that compared Aadhaar to some revolution and quoted a 1930s historian, Will Durant.Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Rajya Sabha MP

“I know you will say that it is not mandatory. But, it is compulsorily mandatorily voluntary,” Jairam Ramesh, Rajya Saba April 2017.

August 24, 2017: The nine-judge Constitution Bench rules that right to privacy is “intrinsic to life and liberty”and is inherently protected under the various fundamental freedoms enshrined under Part III of the Indian Constitution

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the World; indeed it's the only thing that ever has"

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” -Edward Snowden

In the Supreme Court, Meenakshi Arora, one of the senior counsel in the case, compared it to living under a general, perpetual, nation-wide criminal warrant.

Had never thought of it that way, but living in the Aadhaar universe is like living in a prison. All of us are treated like criminals with barely any rights or recourse and gatekeepers have absolute power on you and your life.

Announcing the launch of the#BreakAadhaarChainscampaign, culminating with events in multiple cities on 12th Jan. This is the last opportunity to make your voice heard before the Supreme Court hearings start on 17th Jan 2018. In collaboration with @no2uidand@rozi_roti.

UIDAI's security seems to be founded on four time tested pillars of security idiocy

1) Denial

2) Issue fiats and point finger

3) Shoot messenger

4) Bury head in sand.

God Save India

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

14430 - 30TH MARCH 2020 - DAILY UPDATE,

Daily update ⋅ 30 March 2020

No job, no pay: Daily wagers wait for Rs 1500 promised by CM KCR
The New Indian Express
The bank account details of most of the beneficiaries can be retrieved through their Aadhaar details, provided, they have already linked their bank ...

Sarpanches to issue curfew passes for night emergencies
The Tribune
... Chief Secretary (Home), Punjab, Satish Chandra has conveyed that the pass or authorisation will be supported with photo ID card/Aadhaar card.

Rs 1.7 lakh crore package inadequate for poor during coronavirus pandemic, say experts
The New Indian Express
The appeal emphasised that access to any rights and entitlements should not depend on Aadhaar-based biometric systems in these times. The relief ...

Many residents in Hyd slums, those without ration cards desperate for essentials
The News Minute
The Telangana government had decided to continue with Aadhaar-enabled biometric authentication for distribution of the rations even as Kerala and ...

Lockdown and Beyond : a Looming Crisis
Brighter Kashmir (press release)
... system due to the move towards the Aadhaar-Payment Bridge System, which results in rejected payments, diverted payments, and other problems.

Getting Driving license is easy now, Here's what you have to do for it
News Track English
Documents required for driving license, ration card, voter card, Aadhaar card, electricity bill, PAN card, water bill, how to apply for driving license.

Monday, March 30, 2020

14429 - 29 March 2020 - daily updates

Daily update ⋅ 29 March 2020

PAN-Aadhaar linking deadline extended to June 30, 2020
Economic Times
For those who are yet to link their PAN with Aadhaar, this extension will come as a relief as not linking the two will lead to the PAN becoming 'inoperative ...

Coronavirus Outbreak: Last date to link Aadhaar and PAN card extended till June 30, here's how to ...
Jagran English
The extension comes amid coronavirus lockdown in the country. Previously, the last deadline to link Aadhaar card and PAN was March 31. In an earlier ...

NEXT Biometrics to Supply More Fingerprint Readers for Aadhaar
The Aadhaar program, started in 2009, is a national registration program that consists of a unique 12 digit ID based on an individual's biometric and ...

Deadline for linking PAN with Aadhaar extended to June 30
Those who fail to link their PAN account with their Aadhaar number will no longer be able to file their income tax returns as their PAN would turn ...

Aadhaar linking will make it easier to deliver relief material
Times of India
There are 987 banks linked to the Aadhaar payment bridge with the number of transactions crossing 622 crore, establishing the durability of the system.

Aadhaar Authentication Mandatory for GST Registration from April 1, 2020: CBIC [Read Notification] (press release)
The notification states that the above-stated class of persons shall undergo authentication of Aadhaar number, as specified in rule 8 of the Central Goods ...

Aadhaar-Pan linking date extended to June 30, 2020
Economic Times
Aadhaar-Pan linking date extended to June 30, 2020. Times Now | 24 Mar 2020, 03:33 PM IST. Post a Comment.

BEWARE! Cybercriminals exploiting Coronavirus panic; save your money from Online, Aadhaar ...
Zee Business
Coronavirus Online, Aadhaar, PAN, other frauds warning: The spread of this dreaded virus has jolted the whole world as it has killed more than 26,000 ...

Telangana to continue using Aadhaar based biometrics for rations
The News Minute
The Telangana government will continue to use Aadhaar based biometric authentication for disbursing raions in the state, said Gangula Kamalakar, ...

What Happens When a Billion Identities Are Digitized?
Yale Insights
A woman having her eyes scanned at an Aadhaar registration office in Guwahati, India, in 2018. Photo: David Talukdar/NurPhoto via Getty Images. What ...

India: E-Contract In Times Of COVID-19 - Mondaq News Alerts

To Get Direct Benefit of PM-Kisan Yojana, Send Photo of Aadhaar Card & Bank Passbook at These ...
Krishi Jagran (press release) (blog)
Farmers whose Aadhaar number, name and bank account number are wrong due to which they are not getting the benefit of PM-Kisan scheme don't ...

Income Tax Return Deadline, Aadhaar-PAN card Linkage Extended to June 30 Amid Coronavirus ...
Income Tax Return Deadline, Aadhaar-PAN card Linkage Extended to June 30 Amid Coronavirus Outbreak. Addressing a press briefing, Finance ...
ITR, GST filing, Aadhaar-PAN linking deadlines extended | Nirmala Sitharaman (Video)
New Delhi, Aug 31 (IANS) The government on Thursday extended the deadline for linking Aadhaar to PAN by four more months till December 31, ...

Aadhaar-Pan linking date extended to June 30 : Nirmala Sitharaman – TV9 (Video)
Aadhaar-Pan linking date extended to June 30 : Nirmala Sitharaman – TV9 (Video). Posted By: Social News XYZ March 24, 2020 ...

National Pension System: Planning to open an NPS account? Here is how to do it online
Financial Express
Note that your Aadhaar needs to have your current address and mobile number, additionally, your PAN should also be linked to your bank account. To ...

India Inc needs more tax breaks during Covid
The Hindu BusinessLine
Though the process of linking PAN with Aadhaar is quite simple, if the name or any other information in both these cards did not match, then the ...

ITR filing deadline for FY19 extended till 30 June
Aadhaar-pan linking deadline which was also ending on upcoming 31 March, has been extended to June 30. Remember, that if you don't link your ...

Social distancing a step to prevent spreading of virus
Times of India
Savings CalculatorIncome TaxIPOAadhaar CardPan CardIFSC CodeIncome Tax FaqsStock Market FaqsHome Loan FaqsAadhaar FaqsPension ...

Being a transperson in India during Covid-19 pandemic
... parental homes, they do not even have their education degrees or date-of-birth proofs — the most basic documents needed to get an Aadhaar card.

Modi's demonetisation will be of use during the coronavirus lockdown
Advocates of Aadhaar always meant for it to work as a direct pipeline of welfare money for the poor. As India now grapples with a rapidly spreading ...

Bengaluru City Police to issue passes for e-commerce delivery via app by MyGate amidst COVID ...
If individuals want to take their vehicles, they have to upload their Aadhaar card to the app at the time of application. If a pass is approved by the police, ...

Amid Covid-19, govt plans advance cash payout for PM-Kisan beneficiaries
Hindustan Times
Aadhaar-based enrolment and cash transfers, slow internet connections in many rural centres and messy land records have slowed the PM-KISAN ...

Cops start issuing curfew passes
Deccan Herald
We will issue passes on the basis of Aadhaar cards and request letters.” Passes are being issued offline at the moment, but the police plan to take it ...

FM relaxes regulatory deadlines, hints at stimulus; key highlights from the presser
Aadhaar-PAN linking date, too, has been extended to June 30, 2020, from March 31, 2020. Nishant Kumar @Nishantopines ...

India: COVID-19 Lockdown Puts Poor at Risk
Human Rights Watch
The government should not use Aadhaar (identity card)-based biometric authentication for the distribution of free food grains to the poor, Human ...

Covid-19: FM's measures inadequate even for lockdown period, say economists, activists
The Hindu BusinessLine
They had also said that access to any rights and entitlements should not depend on Aadhaar-based biometric systems, due to possible spread of ...

Congress leader P Chidambaram asks people to be 'foot soldiers' of 'Commander' Modi in the fight ...
After minimal verification, open a bank account in each name [if there is not already one], seed it with Aadhaar and transfer Rs. 3000 into each bank ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

14428 - 24th March 2020 - Aadhaar Daily Updates,

Daily update ⋅ 24 March 2020

Aadhaar and passport services on hold till March 31: Telangana Circle postmaster
Times of India
“Passport and Aadhaar-related services have also been put on hold at Post Office Passport Seva Kendras till March 31,” the chief postmaster general ...

PM-Kisan Yojana: How to Edit Aadhaar Details, Check Status of Self Registered/CSC Farmer ...
Krishi Jagran (press release) (blog)
A farmer should have the following documents to apply for PM-Kisan scheme;. Aadhaar Card. Bank Account. Land Holding Documents. Citizenship ...

5 financial tasks to complete before March 31
Financial Express
To link your PAN with your Aadhaar via text message/SMS, just send your 12-digit-Aadhaar number and your 10-digit PAN number to the income tax ...

Will govt extend these five financial deadlines amid coronavirus outbreak?
Economic Times
The deadline to link PAN with Aadhaar is March 31, 2020. The coronavirus outbreak could not have come at a worse time. It is the month of March and ...

Biometric checks and facial recognition payments to support social distancing, fight spread of covid ...
Biometric Update
Aadhaar updates and passport applications limited. Updates of Aadhaar biometrics and passports have been shut down at seva kendras across ...

Now changing address in Aadhar card is easy
News Track English
At the same time, to update the address in Aadhaar, you must first visit the Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI's official site

Aadhar Card Address Change Online Know All Details In Hindi – Aadhaar card address change ...
Update Fever (press release) (blog)
Updates without having Aadhaar card from official work to do becomes very difficult. So in such we to your a way to come, making you only the base ...

Coronavirus: No layoffs, no salary cuts, Modi government's advisory to companies
... banks on debt repayment, tax cuts, and fiscal stimulus amounting to Rs 2 lakh crore to needy citizens through Aadhaar-based direct benefit transfer.

Six tasks to finish before the financial year ends
So compute your advance tax liability and pay before 31 March 2020 to avoid interest penalty," said Kaushik. Link PAN and Aadhaar. Another task for ...

Jharkhand Assembly passes NPR resolution
Telegraph India
... available from the census report and identification of citizens with biometric details have already been done through Aadhaar, Chaudhary argued.

Shia Waqf Board to help people hit by lockdown
Daily Pioneer
... that the distribution should be done from the account of waqf and it was the responsibility of 'mutvallis' that photocopies of identity card — Aadhaar, ...

Dharwad takes stringent steps to check mass gatherings
The Hindu
Atal Janasnehi Kendras, Spandana Kendra, Aadhaar service units, sub-registrar office, RTO and Co-operation Department will stop their services.

IGP asks people to impose self regulations to prevent Covid-19
Deccan Herald
A citizen said that Asha workers have collected Aadhaar number and other information on Sunday night. People are worried whether it was a part of ...

CII seeks Rs 2 lakh crore package to tide over coronavirus crisis
The New Indian Express
... lakh crore to be given in the hand of the needy citizens through Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit Transfer. An amount of Rs 10,000 for each individual, ...

How to open National Pension System (NPS) account, step by step guide
Zee Business
... The applicant needs to visit eNPS website of NSDL-CRA ( and register himself/herself through Aadhaar or PAN Card details.

How to Get Subsidy on Agricultural Machineries and Equipment?
Krishi Jagran (press release) (blog)
Copy of Aadhaar card. Copy of first page of bank passbook. Caste certificate issued by the competent officer (only for SC and ST farmers). Proof of ...

Monday, March 23, 2020

14427 - 23rd March 2020 - Aadhaar daily Update,

Aadhaar, Daily update ⋅ 23 March 2020

How to link Aadhaar with PAN card
News Track English
The last date for linking PAN card with Aadhaar is approaching. If you have not yet linked the PAN card to Aadhaar, get it done immediately. Otherwise ...

Coronavirus Update: India Inc seeks fiscal stimulus to soften coronavirus blow
Business Today
... banks on debt repayment, tax cuts and fiscal stimulus amounting to Rs 2 lakh crore to needy citizens through Aadhaar-based direct benefit transfer.

Amid lockdown, demand for cash transfers grows
The Hindu
... of 1% of GDP amounting to ₹2 lakh crore to be given in the hand of the needy citizens through Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit Transfer, the CII said.

NPR, first phase of Census likely to be deferred
Outlook India
While updating the register in 2015, the government has asked details like Aadhaar and their mobile number. This time, the information related to their ...

COVID-19: Wash hands after handling currency notes, appeals IBA
Telangana Today
“Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after physical banking/currency counting/AEPS (Aadhaar-enabled payment system) ...

Coronavirus outbreak: Wash hands after handling currency notes: Indian Banks Association
The New Indian Express
"Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after physical banking/currency counting/AEPS (Aadhaar-enabled payment system) ...

Pardon the Intrusion #13: Policing using AI
“We have also fed Aadhaar (personal identity numbers based on an individual's biometric and demographic data) and driving license data into this ...

We believe this could be the decade of India, says Dell Technologies' Amit Midha
Financial Express
In India, Aadhaar, which is biometric or IRCTC which is innovating quite rapidly, Passport Seva or GST network, are all running on Dell Technologies ...

Confederation of Indian Industry suggests direct cash transfer of Rs 5000
The Sentinel Assam
... of people through Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit Transfer. With regard to money to support large cash transfer programme, Confederation of Indian ...

Sunday, March 22, 2020

14426 - 22nd Masr 2020 - Aadhaar Daily Update,

Daily update ⋅ 22 March 2020

Big UIDAI move! Answer to Aadhaar Card query is just a click away now; here is how
Zee Business
Aadhaar Card Online: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced a free handbook that has the answer all major queries

PAN-Aadhaar card linking: You could be fined Rs 10000, if you miss the March 31 deadline
Times Now
New Delhi: Government has set a deadline of March 31, 2020, for linking of PAN cards to Aadhaar. If you are a PAN cardholder and you fail to link it to ...

Focus on tour operators to manage tax at source on overseas travel
Business Standard
In the remaining cases, where PAN/Aadhaar is not furnished or is not available, TCS will be at the rate of 10 per cent (plus applicable surcharge and ...

Confederation of Indian Industry bats for ₹2 lakh-crore stimulus
The Hindu
... of COVID-19, requesting him to provide a fiscal stimulus of ₹2 lakh crore to needy citizens through Aadhaar-based direct benefit transfer (DBT).

Cops on toes on 'Janata Curfew' eve
The Hitavada
... police, media, home delivery, fire fighting etc will be allowed,” said the CP and added that they should carry official identity card or Aadhaar card.

Kanthapuram calls on Modi, Shah
The Hindu
School certificates, passports, Aadhaar cards, or voter ID's should also be accepted as required documents of proof to prove citizenship, the Musliyar ...

Garment trader abducted and robbed of Rs 6000 at knifepoint
Times of India
They snatched Rs 6000 from the accused along with his Aadhaar card. When the accused demanded more money, the complainant took him to ...

Coronavirus scare: Weekly bazaars, evening markets banned in Dimapur
Eastern Mirror
The DC further informed that issuance of Inner Limit Permit (ILP), Aadhaar card, ST/IIC/PRC and NOC, search certificate, non-encumbrance and ...

EPFO advises pensioners to avail online services rather than visiting offices amid COVID -19 ...
Knn India
... own Universal Account Number (UAN), activate his/her UAN and seed it with Aadhaar, PAN, Bank Account and mobile number (KYC seeding).''.

Janta curfew in Delhi: Here's list of services suspended and ones that'll continue amid COVID-19 ...
No enrolment of Aadhaar. 5. No registration of documents at sub-registrar offices, stamping of documents and mutation of properties. 6. Public dealing ...

Corona curates income support debate
The New Indian Express
India has set up a Task Force and a scheme deploying the Aadhaar-based direct benefit transfer system to deliver succour is on the agenda. In the US ...

Social distancing continues because of Corona virus
Sahiwal Tv (blog)
Also, the method of creating Aadhaar at Janadhar service facilities has been postponed until 25 March. 0 comment. 0. FacebookTwitterPinterestEmail ...

Saturday, March 21, 2020

14425 - 21st March 2020 - Aadhaar daily Update,

Aadhaar, Daily update ⋅ 21 March 2020

PAN-Aadhaar Linking Deadline On March 31: What Happens Next?
Inc42 Media
Those who will fail to link PAN with Aadhaar will become inoperable. PAN holders can link the document to Aadhaar via SMS and the IT department ...

Aadhaar services stopped, passport appointments cut by half
The Hindu
Most Aadhaar seva kendras in the city have stopped providing services as they have to take biometrics of people for every service. On the other hand, ...

Now get solutions to each query associated to Aadhaar, UIDAI launched free handbook
Sahiwal Tv (blog)
How to get your title corrected on Aadhaar? How to alter your deal with in Aadhaar? Where to go to replace Aadhaar? If all such questions are ...

EPF account holders, pensioners asked to avoid visiting EPFO offices
... own Universal Account Number (UAN), activate his/her UAN and seed it with Aadhaar, PAN, bank account and mobile number for KYC purposes.

Paan shops shut in Ahmedabad to contain Covid-19 spread
Outlook India
AMC-run Aadhaar enrollment centres as well as city civic centres will also remain closed during this time," the civic body chief said. At least 559

CII writes to PM seeking fiscal stimulus, tax cuts to combat coronavirus impact on economy
Outlook India
... to be given to the needy citizens through Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit Transfer. An amount of Rs 5,000 for each individual, especially the rural and ...

Centre for Internet & Society appoints Amber Sinha as executive director
... has also led the work on privacy in India at CIS over the last two years, and written extensively on the Aadhaar case and the Puttaswamy judgement.

Guntur: Turmeric starts pouring in Duggirala Agriculture Market Yard
The Hans India
... eligible to sell turmeric in the counters, They have to bring their copies of Pattadar passbooks, Aadhaar card copies, certificate issued by the VRO.

Coronavirus: Total cases rise to seven in Gujarat, Ahmedabad civic body orders closure of paan ...
The New Indian Express
AMC-run Aadhaar enrollment centres, as well as city civic centres, will also remain closed during this time," the civic body chief said. At least 559 .

EPFO subscribers alert! PF regulator has this important message for you
Zee Business
... own Universal Account Number (UAN), activate his/her UAN and seed it with Aadhaar, PAN, Bank Account and mobile number (KYC seeding).

Delhi Police detained minors, declared them to be adults and kept them in illegal custody
National Herald
... changed to protect privacy) despite the family producing his Aadhaar number and a bank passbook, both of which record his year of birth as 2006.

A top member of Bangladesh-based JMB arrested with fake documents
New Delhi Times
... been identified as Abdul Malik who also held fake documents, including an Aadhaar card. A senior military intelligence officer who led the operation, ...

Nagaland: News in Brief
Morung Express
Issue of fresh ILP, Aadhaar, ST/IIC/PRC and Character Certificates will remain suspended with immediate effect until further orders. Only exceptional ...

Coronavirus scare: Kamakhya temple authorities shut doors for devotees
On the other hand, the Assam government has closed all Aadhaar Enrolment centres across the state up to Mar 31. (By Hemanta Kumar Nath, ...

Govt looking for volunteers, called them 'corona warriors'
People interested in the position would need to go here and fill up a form with their personal information, including date of birth and Aadhaar number.

14424 - 20th Mar 2020 - Aadhaar Daily Update

Aadhaar, Daily update ⋅ 20 March 2020

Aadhaar issued to over 90 pc of population: Dhotre
Outlook India
New Delhi, Mar 19 (PTI) Biometric identifier Aadhaar has been issued to over 90 per cent of the population as of February-end, Parliament was ...

PAN Aadhaar Link: 17 crore cards may become useless if this Income Tax Department's instruction ...
Zee Business
PAN Aadhaar Link: The Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for all Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Aadhaar Card-holders to link ...

Govt to keep Aadhaar issuing centres closed to check spread of virus
Millennium Post
Kolkata: The state government has decided to keep Aadhaar card issuing centres closed till further order, to avoid gatherings as a precautionary ...

Assam Govt. decides to close all Aadhaar Enrolment Centres across State up to March 31
The Sentinel Assam
GUWAHATI: The Government of Assam has decided to close all Aadhaar Enrolment Centres across the State with immediate effect up to March 31, ...

Aadhaar centres shut in Shimla, Volvos suspended
The Tribune
All Aadhaar registration centres in the district have been closed and in case of dire emergency, permission of the head of the office will have to be ...

Fear of NRC greater than coronavirus scare
Telegraph India
The government on Thursday ordered the closure of Aadhaar centres in Bengal for an indefinite period to avoid mass gatherings during the ...

Coronavirus: Assam Govt Shuts All Aadhaar Enrollment Centres Till March 31
Republic World
Coronavirus: Assam Govt Shuts All Aadhaar Enrollment Centres Till March 31. General News. In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, the Assam

Very important! Income Tax India has an important message for you
Zee Business
The message talks about linking your PAN and AADHAAR. Income Tax Department says that the last date to link PAN & AADHAAR is 31st March, ...

Assam Govt Orders Closure of Aadhaar Centres Across State
Guwahati Plus
G Plus News | March 20, 2020 10:48 hrs. Banner. GUWAHATI: The state government has decided to close all Aadhaar registration centres across the ...

Corona effect: Aadhaar centres shut shop
Mysuru, March 19:- As the corona cases are increasing in Karnataka, the government has decided to close Aadhaar centres across the state.

Bangladesh-Based Terror Group Member Caught In Tripura With Fake Aadhaar
... from a village in Tripura with fake documents, including an Aadhaar card, in a joint operation carried out by Military Intelligence and Tripura Police.

Telangana govt builds app to retrieve 1.2 bn residents' private details to pass it to Modi govt
National Herald
... help to the Modi government to live-track each and every detail of India's 1.2 billion citizens without relying on Aadhaar and to scale it into a system.

Mangaluru: Few govt services to be stopped as precaution against coronavirus
1) Under revenue department services such as Atal Ji Jana Snehi Centre, Spandana Centre, Aadhaar Centre, centres which provides Aadhaar ...

VIDEO | Coronavirus Impact: All Aadhaar centres shut in West Bengal
Mirror Now
In order to stop the spread of Coronavirus, all Aadhar centres have been closed in West Bengal with immediate effect till further notice. Times Now's ...

List of 7 financial tasks to complete before March 31, 2020
Jagran Josh
1- Link PAN Card to Aadhaar Card: The Income Tax Department of India has issued an official notification to link PAN card to Aadhaar card before March ...

RTOs in Dakshina Kannada to stop issuing licences till March 31
The Hindu
The other services withdrawn included all related to Aadhaar at Aadhaar centres, Revenue Department services in Atalji Janasnehi Kendras, and ...

Citing coronavirus threat, govt exempts employees from marking biometric attendance
കേരള കൌമുദി
NEW DELHI: All central government employees were on Friday exempted from marking attendance through the Aadhaar-based biometric system as a ...

PF withdrawal online without UAN number not possible; here is what you need to do
Zee Business
Even UAN won't be enough for PF withdrawal online, UAN has to be linked with Aadhaar card number, bank account number and all KYC related ...

Movement of trains in Himachal''s Kangra suspended
Outlook India
Besides, Aadhaar registration centres were closed in Shimla, Kangra and other districts of the hill state till March 31, officials said. PTI DJI RDK ...

Why KCR Offered Telangana's '360 Degree Citizen Tracking System' To Modi Govt?
#KhabarLive Hyderabad (press release) (blog)
“In view of the recent decision of Hon'ble SC on Aadhaar, there is an immediate need to look for solutions which uses 360-degree view without ...

Fake Armyman cons bike buyer in Chandigarh
Times of India
He also shared his bank account details and Aadhaar number with the fraudster. On March 11, Anwar said he started receiving messages of deduction ...

NPCI, PhonePe, NITI Aayog Leverage Corona to Push Digital Payment
The Quint
Moreover, other questions around NPCI's Aadhaar Enbaled biometeics still being allowed to run have also come in the spotlight. “Question to ask is ...

Remember to complete these 10 financial tasks before March 31
Indiainfoline (blog)
Link PAN to Aadhar: You need to link your permanent account number (PAN) to your Aadhaar for the filing of income tax return. Under the Income Tax ...

Karur Vysya Bank inaugurates its Centralized Operations Centre at Coimbatore
Equity Bulls
... e-mail ID / mobile number update / Aadhaar / PAN registration and upload the requisite proof. These requests will be processed within 20 minutes at ...

Jharkhand buses to record travel data of passengers
Telegraph India
... record details of all passengers, including travel history, contact number (mobile number), complete address (based on IDs such as Aadhaar card).

Tirumala shuts down as elderly man with COVID-19 symptoms collapses outside shrine
The New Indian Express
... for not having a proper identification (Aadhaar) card. While waiting outside for his fellow pilgrims, he collapsed and the TTD staff immediately shifted ...

NTA UGC NET June 2020: Check Important Documents & Information required for Registration
Jagran Josh
... of Identification – Bank A/c passbook with photograph/ Passport Number/ Ration Card/ Aadhaar Card Number/ Voter ID Card Number/ Other Govt ID.

Northeast Delhi Violence: Why We Cannot & Should Not 'Move On'
The Quint (blog)
He had his Aadhaar card with him, but nothing else by way of paperwork. His hand was tied in a soiled cast, and he said that he had injured it when ...

QKolkata: CM Seeks Public-Private Synergy to Fight Corona & More
The Quint
The government on Thursday ordered the closure of Aadhaar centres in Bengal for an indefinite period to avoid mass gatherings during the coronavirus ...

Students' list under RTE declared
Times of India
Mandatory documents include income certificate, address proof of the parent and birth certificate or Aadhaar card of the student. Other documents will ...

Covid-19 effect: DC Sankar temporarily suspends few govt services
“Atal Jana Snehi Centre, Aadhaar Seva Kendras, Spandana Kendras, issuing of new driving license, learner's licence, registration of properties, ...

Thursday, March 19, 2020

14423 - 19th March 2020 - Aadhaar Daily Digest

Daily update ⋅ 19 March 2020

Link PAN-Aadhaar Card Online and Offline: Here's step by step guide on how to link before March ...
Jagran Josh
On Monday, the Income Tax Department made Aadhaar-PAN linking mandatory for all the citizens of India. The last date to link the PAN with Aadhaar ...

PAN-Aadhaar Link Status Check Online: Steps for PAN Card, Aadhaar Card linking status here
Financial Express (Hindi)
With the deadline to link both Aadhaar number and PAN coming near, one should check the status whether their PAN or Aadhaar are linked or not.

Coronanxiety: No Aadhaar enrolment and updation
Star of Mysore
Mysore/Mysuru: People, who are managing the Aadhaar Seva Kendra at Vijayanagar that enrols hundreds of new Aadhaar every day or updates

PM-Kisan Yojana: Farmers Should Do This Work before 31st March Or Else They Won't Get Next ...
Krishi Jagran (press release) (blog)
The last date for linking Aadhaar number in many states is over but, farmers in few states still have a chance. Government has said that PM-Kisan money ...

National Social Registry (NSR) and not NRC is creating the database already
But what when the database of Aadhaar is misused to create this database of NSR to peek into people's personal life? And meanwhile, the same court ...

Four arrested in vehicle theft, drug peddling cases
The Tribune
The police also recovered Aadhaar cards, three mobile phones and one laptop from the suspects. In the second case, the police division No.

The government has stopped even trying to justify mass surveillance as necessary for the public ...
Aadhaar numbers will be used to integrate information on religion,caste, income, property, marital status, education, family. In order to enable this, the ...

Govt encouraging people to avoid using cash to stop coronavirus transmission
Economic Times
... facilities to customers while using commonly used equipment such as biometric readers for Aadhaar enabled payment systems and ATM machines.

GMCH-32 suspends biometric attendance
The Tribune
Tribune News Service. Chandigarh, March 18. To control the spread of Covid-19, it has been decided to suspend or exempt Aadhaar-based Biometric ...

Why Modi govt's information monthly bill wants urgent modification
gotech daily (press release) (blog)
An individual documents fingerprints as part of the biometric knowledge collection for Aadhaar | Commons. Text Dimensions: A- A+. How should a ...

Maternity benefits for second child in Rajasthan
The Hindu
However, unlike the Central scheme they will not have to submit an Aadhaar card for the State scheme and the money will be transferred directly to ...

Coronavirus Fraud: Beware! Hackers can steal your personal data by posing as WHO officials
India TV
These hackers are after your Aadhaar number, bank details, home address, full name other than sensitive information. Just like we take precautions ...

No document to be collected during NPR update, says Nityanand Rai
Business Standard
While updating the register in 2015, the government asked details like Aadhaar and mobile numbers. This time, information related to driving licence ...

Food and Civil Supplies inform ration card holders in Nagaland
Morung Express
... the Aadhaar enabled PDS transaction through the electronic Point of Sale (ePoS) device will be authenticated by the FPS Dealer(s) on behalf of the ...

GoAir flights to continue the flight service in Mizoram
Telegraph India
Aadhaar centres shut. The Dhubri district administration in lower Assam on Wednesday directed closure of Aadhaar enrolment centres till March 29 as ...

Homebuyer applies for loan, cheated
Hindustan Times
He also managed to get his insurance policy details and other documents including Aadhaar card and other documents claiming it to be imperative for ...

UP: Notorious Two-wheeler Gang Busted By Police In Lucknow
Republic World
A notorious gang in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh has been busted by the Police who were using fake Aadhaar cards to buy vehicles. As per DCP ...

How To Reprint Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number Know Step By Step – the work of the news ...
Update Fever (press release) (blog)
Now you also without registered mobile number of Aadhaar card to re-print can make. Yes, you heard right. So far, based on the registered mobile ...

IAF AFCAT Result 2020: Exam result declared, check at
Link PAN and Aadhaar by March 31, Income Tax Department released public message! Published. 6 hours ago. on. March 18, 2020. By.

Report Says Telecom Operators Complained to Government About Mass Surveillance
A day after the Union Government's plans to track citizens through the Aadhaar database was made public, another report mentions how the Bharatiya ...

LT Visas granted to 25782 from Minority Communities in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan
News Live
... reduction of penalty on non-extension of LTV on time, opening of bank accounts, issuance of Driving License, PAN card and Aadhaar number etc.

Facial Recognition Identified 1100 Delhi Rioters, Says HM Amit Shah: How it Works
Global News Hut (press release)
We've got additionally fed Aadhaar and driving license information into this software program, which has recognized 1,100 individuals. Out of those ...

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

14422 - 18th March 2020 - Aadhaar Daily Update

Aadhaar, Daily update ⋅ 18 March 2020

PAN-Aadhaar linking: What happens if both are not linked by March 31?
Economic Times
On March 16, the tax department tweeted saying that it was "mandatory" to link PAN with Aadhaar and advised people not to "miss" the stipulated .

India Mulls Aadhaar-Linked National Social Registry To Monitor Citizens
Inc42 Media
Much like China, India is planning to establish a National Social Registry linked to Aadhaar ID, and aggregating data from various government

Follow these step-by-step process to get duplicate Aadhaar online
Times Now
Aadhaar has become an important part and parcel of everybody's life. This unique identification tool is being used in every sphere of our lives.

Aadhaar-at-night centre launched in Kumbakonam
The New Indian Express
Those who want to get new Aadhaar or make corrections could approach the centre with relevant documents. She pointed out that in the central region ...

Govt Will Track 120 Cr Indians Via Aadhaar: Your Job, Marriage, Bank Balance & More! (blog)
Govt Will Track 120 Cr Indians Via Aadhaar: Your Job, Marriage, Bank Balance & More! The Modi government is in the terminal stages of creating an all- ...

Ahmedabad: Tax advisor loses Rs 16 lakh to Aadhaar-linked con
Times of India
Nitin Shah, 64, stated in his FIR that on March 9, he had received an email from an unknown person who had said that if Shah did not give his Aadhaar ...

Understanding India's plan to create a National Social Registry
Is this based on Aadhaar? Yes, because the 12-digit Aadhaar number will become the unique identifier to track every citizen across databases, akin to a ...

UIDAI can issue notice on complaint, Minister tells Parliament
The Hindu
The aim is to ascertain if Aadhaar was procured through fraudulent means: Centre. The government informed the Lok Sabha on Tuesday that the Unique ...

Pan Aadhaar link: Get instant Pancard using your Aadhaar number
Finance minister Nirmala Sitharam said in her budget speech: “In the last Budget, I had introduced the interchangeability of PAN and Aadhaar for which ...

Linking of Aadhaar and electoral data under examination: Minister
The Rahnuma Daily (press release)
... Communications and Electronics Ravi Shankar Prasad told the Lok Sabha that process to link Aadhaar with the electoral roll is “under examination.”.

Making data with health history
The ambitious strategy looks to replicate the success of projects such as Aadhaar, the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and the Goods and Services ...

How registered MSMEs can get their customers to pay up
Udyog Aadhaar Number (UAN) - XXXXXXXXXXXX (Delayed payments beyond 45 days attracts interest at a rate three times of the bank rate notified by ...

Balan and family need a ration card to keep hunger at bay
Mathrubhumi English
When contacted, officials told that Aadhaar card was mandatory for issuing a new ration card and Balan was in a fix. “Despite telling the officials what ...

Visas to members of minority communities
The Tribune
... from the administration, purchase of dwelling unit, issuance of driving license, PAN card and Aadhaar.TNS. Book officials clinging to VIP culture: MP.

Over 25000 who entered India in 2015-19 can avail citizenship
Outlook India
They have been permitted to open bank accounts, issuance of driving licence, PAN card and Aadhaar number. The CAA which opens door for ...

How to adjust mobile push notifications from Facebook
India Today
Step 3: Turn on or off notifications from Facebook. (Information source: Facebook help). READ | Steps to link pan card with aadhaar card before March ...

25782 minorities from B''desh, Afghan, Pak given LTV in 5 yrs
Outlook India
... accommodation for carrying out self employment, opening of bank accounts, issuance of driving license, PAN card and Aadhaar number, he said.

HC seeks state reply on preventive steps
The Tribune
... suggested that to avoid hoarding and blackmarketing of hand sanitizers and masks, sale can be made on the basis of ration cards/Aadhaar cards.

'Not Ruling Out Possibility Of Illegal Immigrants Staying In Religious Places': MoS Rai
Republic World
... for carrying out self-employment, the opening of bank accounts, issuance of driving license, PAN card and Aadhaar number, he said.

Curbs get stringent in Maharashtra; govt warns against violation of advisories, protocol
Financial Express
Issue of Aadhaar cards has been suspended. Two more cases of Covid-19 were reported in Mumbai and Pune on Tuesday with travel history to the ...

Bail for undertrials to reduce Maha jail crowding: ADG prisons
Hindustan Times
... to him, some undertials are denied bail due to technical reasons, and some who do not have proper documentation like Aadhaar card for bail.

No more booking of Indian Railways train tickets through private agents? This big step being ...
However, this has been increased to 12 tickets per month, only if the user has linked his/her IRCTC user ID with Aadhaar number, and if at least one of ...

Farmers with Rs 25k loan to get waiver in one instalment
Times of India
The government is creating a portal where the pattadar passbooks, Aadhaar and ration cards details of eligible farmers will be maintained. Download ...

NTA JEE Main Admit Card 2020 date confirmed: How and where to download from
India Today
... valid and non-expired) - PAN card/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card (With photograph)/E-Aadhaar with photograph/ Ration Card ...

The 10 Best Fantasy Football Trophies 2020
Best gaming pro (blog)
... largest democracy, constructed an enormous database containing info and biometrics of its residents within the type of Aadhaar again in 2009. Now ...

Shopkeeper giving free chicken to BPL cardholders in Hamirpur district
News Track English
... outside his shop which clearly states that the BPL ration card holders below the poverty line will be given rooster free on showing the Aadhaar card.